Common fault repair techniques for mosquito killers


UV fluorescent tubes often flicker (flash jump) This ki […]

UV fluorescent tubes often flicker (flash jump)
This kind of fault is usually caused by the low voltage of the mains, and some is caused by the aging of the lamp. If the measured mains voltage is normal, the lamp can be replaced. It is also possible to increase the C1 capacity to 0.2~0.47μF, but this is only a matter of expediency and it is necessary to change back to the original capacity when replacing the lamp.
High voltage grid voltage is low
The poor mosquito killing effect is generally caused by a significant decrease in the capacitor capacity in the voltage doubler rectifier circuit, which can be checked one by one and the defective capacitor can be exchanged. In addition, it should be noted that the anti-mosquito effect of the mosquito-killing lamp is closely related to the correctness of the method of use, so it is necessary to pay attention to the method of use. For details, please refer to the random manual and no longer introduce it.
High voltage power grid
It is a phenomenon that there is a leakage fault on the high-voltage power grid. It can be observed carefully whether there are large insects, dirt and other foreign objects in the discharge. After the detection, turn off the power of the mosquito lamp and then completely remove it. These foreign objects can make the fault disappear.
The electronic mosquito killer has good anti-mosquito effect, is easy to use, consumes less power, is non-toxic and tasteless, and does not require pharmaceuticals. Therefore, it is very popular, and restaurant and family use are very common. Different brands of electronic mosquito killers have different shapes, but the working principle is basically the same. This article introduces my maintenance experience with the example of the Aikebo brand electronic mosquito killer.