Frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp helps green vegetables


Can the application of tools such as frequency-vibratio […]

Can the application of tools such as frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps keep green vegetables healthy? We all know that vegetables are susceptible to pests and the effects of different pests are different. In order to reduce the impact of pests on vegetable yield, vegetable growers need to effectively control vegetable pests and diseases. However, before the emergence of insecticidal lamps, growers' control of vegetable pests and diseases mainly relied on pesticides and fertilizers. However, the increase in the use of pesticides and fertilizers over the years has brought great drawbacks to the safety of agricultural products. The principle of pesticide insecticide is to kill pests through toxic chemicals. These agents kill pests and also affect the soil, environment and crops of crops. Once pesticides remain in agricultural products or soil, the safety of agricultural products and soil quality When the opportunity is affected, the vegetables will not be “green”.

When it comes to pure natural green vegetables, many people may think that only the "worm eye dish" that sells the difference, or the "manure dish" grown by the family, is a green vegetable. Is that the truth? In fact, the so-called pure natural green vegetables refer to environmentally friendly, non-polluting vegetables, which can provide a variety of nutrients for human health. Therefore, as everyone's awareness of food safety becomes stronger, this vegetable is becoming more and more popular, and the problem of pests and diseases in vegetable growth is getting more and more attention, like the frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp becomes green. A tool commonly used in vegetable cultivation.

The frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp can control pests in a targeted and pollution-free manner according to the phototaxis characteristics of insect pests, which can ensure the healthy growth of vegetables, not only can effectively improve the yield and quality of vegetables, but also reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. Drive the development of the agricultural economy.

In short, in the cultivation of pure natural green vegetables, throwing away pesticides and choosing frequency-vibration insecticidal lamps as a good helper for insecticides will not only improve vegetable production, but also play a role in building natural green vegetable brands.