How to prevent accidental damage caused by mosquito killer


According to the inspection by the quality inspection d […]

According to the inspection by the quality inspection department, there is a safety hazard in this batch of mosquito-killing lamps. The design department of the mosquito-killing lamp is reasonable. The finger can directly contact the high-voltage power grid in the lamp through the isolation net, and there is a danger of electric shock caused by accidental contact.
     General anti-mosquito lamps, especially for household users, mosquito killers generally use photocatalyst mosquito killer lamps. If electric shock-type mosquito killers are used, it is necessary to design the safety hazard of packaging electric shock.
     When using the mosquito killer, you should also pay attention to other safety hazards, such as: see if the low-light tube is placed horizontally and standardly, whether the gap between the two poles of the high-voltage grid is even and reasonable, and whether the outer protective net can play a protective role. . In addition, you need to try the button. If the button opening and closing sound is crisp and flexible, the quality of the electrical components is high.
When using mosquito killing lamps, we must pay attention to the safety hazards of mosquito killing lamps and prevent accidental injuries caused by mosquito killing lamps.