How to use mosquito killer


Mosquito Killer is one of the most commonly used applia […]

Mosquito Killer is one of the most commonly used appliances in summer. It uses photocatalyst to kill mosquitoes. Photocatalyst is a kind of catalyst. Under illumination, photocatalyst combines with water and oxygen in the air to form strong oxidizing hydrogen on the surface. Oxygen free radicals, which decompose harmful gases and bacteria in the air and release CO2 and water, are low-carbon environmentally friendly appliances. Let's take a look at the following to find out what is useful for mosquito killers?
1. Color: Mosquitoes will be attracted by deep colors. The natural green color of the mosquito killer causes the mosquitoes to fly collectively towards the main body.
2. Heat: Mosquitoes are attracted by human body temperature. The photocatalyst mosquito killer can simulate a typical human body temperature and attract mosquitoes to fly.
3. Moisture: The mosquito killer produces a moist, warm air flow that simulates the human body. Moisture is the photocatalyst to purify water vapor generated in the air
4, spectrum and ultraviolet: pulsed light of any frequency is to produce a wide spectrum without wavelength, in order to cater to the nature of certain categories of mosquitoes, to achieve the effect of killing.
5. Carbon dioxide (CO2): Mosquitoes can detect CO2 emitted from the human body from a distance of 30 meters. Female mosquitoes use CO2 to find suitable targets. For all mosquitoes, CO2 is the main attractant and can enhance the effects of other attractants such as milk and sweat.
6. The mosquito killer is a kind of mosquito killer made by physical principle. It does not use any chemicals (mosquito, mosquito, mosquito oil, pyrethrum, etc., these chemicals will be harmful to the human body), directly connected to the power supply use.
7, efficient mosquito killing. The area of mosquito killing can reach 80-120 square meters. The use of mosquitoes can distinguish the position of prey according to the warm and humid carbon dioxide and body temperature exhaled by the human body in the dark; combined with the phototaxis of mosquitoes, the surrounding mosquitoes actively fly to the mosquito killer.