How to use solar insect lamps effectively


First of all, killing natural enemies and affecting the […]

First of all, killing natural enemies and affecting the ecological balance; when using insecticidal lamps for pest detection, it can also predict the occurrence and occurrence of natural dominant species of natural enemies at the same time, effectively guiding farmers to light and use drugs, and minimizing the killing of natural enemies. While killing pests, insecticidal lamps also have strong killing ability against natural enemies. It is recommended that insecticidal lamps should not be used in areas with good natural ecological conditions. In areas suitable for use, pest monitoring should be done in advance. Appropriate use. In the future, research on insecticidal lamps should focus on protecting the normal biological chain and stable ecological environment. Carry out technical research on the activity habits of insects, and selectively pests in certain areas. It is necessary to pay attention to scientific use of lamps to reduce damage to natural enemies.

Secondly, it can only be an aid to the control of pesticides; the phototaxis of insects is different, and some pests have no phototaxis at all or only have phototaxis of light of a single wavelength. Therefore, when using insect traps to detect or trap pests, other physical control methods such as sex attractants, sweet and sour liquid, yellow plate trapping, etc. should be combined according to the specific conditions to obtain better results. Light trapping is only an effective supplement to chemical control, which can reduce production costs and delay the development of resistance to pests. The frequency-vibration insecticidal lamp can reduce the density of rice pests and reduce the number of application, but it can not completely replace the pesticide control, and must be combined with pesticides, biology, agronomy and other control measures.

Finally, the use of insecticidal lamps scientifically; the use of insecticidal lamps in production often has problems such as inaccurate measurement and unpredictive results, which are often caused by the unscientific use of insecticidal lamps. The insecticidal lamp is used for different reporting and prevention of lamp density. It should be arranged according to different conditions, otherwise it is difficult to achieve better results.