Is the mosquito killer toxic?


There are a variety of mosquito killer lamps on the mar […]

There are a variety of mosquito killer lamps on the market. To understand its principle, first of all, we need to figure out what kinds of mosquito killer lamps are available. We will not list them here and come up with several commonly used anti-mosquito lamps. Lights for everyone to talk about;
The first kind: electric shock mosquito lamp
The so-called electro-hit mosquito killer lamp works by attracting pests through the light source and then electrocution it through the electric grid inside, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfestation, so in this whole process, the light and current are used to achieve our goal. As a result, it is conceivable that this is an environmentally friendly and harmless green product.
   Second: Inhalation mosquito killer
Inhalation is the inhalation of pests into the product from the outside, so that pests can not get out after entering, so as to achieve the purpose of exterminating pests, also in the process did not use other chemical or toxic substances, is entirely through the pest The tendency to destroy pests
The third kind: photocatalyst mosquito killer
By controlling the light through the light, there will be different functional effects in the presence of light and no light, complete physics principles to control the product, so as to achieve your desired purpose
Fourth: Sticky trap mosquito killer
The product itself has a professional sticky performance paper, which can achieve the desired effect by capturing the pests through the stickiness on the paper surface.
The fifth kind: Solar mosquito killer
We all know that through the off-line sent by the sun, we use light to make our products work. The light is inexhaustible. No other equipment or energy is needed. Environmental protection is also true.
Sixth: ...
Products such as the ones that belong to the various types of mosquito killer lamps, I believe that through the above simple introduction, we all have a certain degree of understanding of the working principle of the mosquito killer, so we can completely use the mosquito killer Because it is the world’s most advanced and environmentally-friendly physical anti-mosquito device, it can not only eliminate mosquitoes, but also sterilize, do not use any chemicals, and is a purely physical mosquito killer. So this does not need to worry about whether it will affect people.