The mosquito killer lamp is popular in recent years


In the hot summer, the most annoying thing is to harass […]

In the hot summer, the most annoying thing is to harass a large number of mosquitoes at home in the evening. At present, the tools for killing mosquitoes can be described as diverse, but they are harmful to the body or the effect of killing mosquitoes. It's not good. If you want to find a way that is harmless to the body and the anti-mosquito effect is good, then it is best to put a mosquito killer lamp at home. The mosquito killer lamp is popular in recent years. Due to the variety of brands, the quality is good or bad. Different, therefore, many friends do not know which kind of mosquito killer is good, how to choose mosquito killer lamp, let me introduce the method of selecting mosquito killer lamp:
1.According to the type of mosquito killer: according to the type selection is the basis for purchasing mosquito killer lamps. Currently, the mosquito killer lamps sold can be divided into electronic mosquito killer lamps and airflow mosquito traps. Among them, the electronic mosquito killer lamp belongs to the early generation product. The principle is to make use of the phototaxis of mosquitoes to attract mosquitoes and cause them to be electrocuted. However, in actual use, the efficiency is not high, and the volume is large, and the burning smell of mosquitoes is emitted; At present, the more advanced insect killing lamps adopt the mosquito-inhalation lamp in the air suction mode, and the principle is that the mosquito air is sucked by the fan airflow, thereby causing death. The advantage is that the mosquito killing efficiency is better and the volume is smaller. No odor, very suitable for home use.
2.According to the material of the mosquito killer: the quality of the mosquito killer affects the safety and durability of the product. At present, the good quality mosquito killer on the market is generally made of high quality brand new AB material, which has the advantages of antibacterial and resistance. The role of burning, and the product density is high, the hardness is high, very strong and durable; and the cheap mosquito lamp often uses the secondary recycled plastic as the material, the product smells big, easy to break, it is easier to release under the illumination of the lamp Harmful substance;
3.According to the lamp of the mosquito killer lamp: the quality of the mosquito lamp is good, which has a great influence on the anti-mosquito effect and the service life of the product. The good quality mosquito lamp is generally made of purple light with a shorter wavelength. Light source, this light sense is very attractive to mosquitoes, and it is very energy-saving, and its service life is more durable than ordinary lighting; while inferior mosquito killing lights often use ordinary lighting as a light source, because of this The wavelength of light is longer, so the temptation ability to mosquitoes is low, the effect of mosquito trapping is naturally poor, and the life of the light is relatively short, and it usually breaks down in a few months.