When using mosquito killer


The selected product, based on the number of mosquitoes […]

The selected product, based on the number of mosquitoes and IEDs, the specific insect pest density and site area of the insect killer lamp, choose the ideal power source that can achieve the killing effect.
Is mosquito lamp useful? The use of mosquito lamp precautions
Must first check the voltage and frequency of use is consistent with the product before use, and meet the power outlet products, the outlet line must be well grounded, and then connected to the power, turn on the power switch, the lights go out to see purple, mosquito control work Work already begun. Indoor 50M2 ~ 60m2 use area 100 square meters, outdoor. The first time you use it, the best choice for the day and night is to turn off the screens for doors and windows and screens, turn off the lights when people leave, and focus on mosquito killers for 2 to 3 hours. People do not stop indoors and on the second day of the morning, consecutively. 2 weeks 1 ~. During the summer mosquitoes, mosquitoes can be eliminated every day and doors and windows do not leak into the room. When the flies kill mosquito lamp and the impact of mosquitoes and other insects, they will make a "click" sound when scoring. It is normal.
After using for a period of time, the base must be cleaned in time to accumulate more mosquito residues. See the lamp below. When cleaning, the power must be cut off first. The insulated part of the knife has two metal rods, the wire grid knife circuit breaker, and the contact discharge, and then use the thumb. After pressing the external network and removing the network, remove the chassis for cleaning.