Insect lamp use advantages and technology


According to the electric shock type insecticidal lamp, […]

According to the electric shock type insecticidal lamp, there is no need for high-voltage electric shock. According to our observation, most of the pests fall into the insect collecting box or the insect bag without the high-voltage net. The insects are stuck on the high-voltage net by the electric field force. The more the worms stick, the more the high-pressure nets lose their function. For this reason, there is no need for a high-voltage electric shock net. The insecticidal effect is just as good.

The automatic cleaning technology is not enough. Most of the self-cleaning type is broken in less than 20 days. First, the brush burns off, the second is that the rope is broken, and the third is that the up and down movement is easy to pull. There are other automatic cleaning processes that are easy to break. It is recommended to use a vibration cleaning method, a screen-type insecticidal lamp that does not bind insects, or a method to remove electric field force.

The problem of unreasonable configuration of solar insecticidal lamps is serious. The configuration of solar panels, storage batteries and insecticidal lamps is subject to strict calculations. It is necessary to avoid small horse-drawn carts and avoid large horse-drawn carts. The configuration relationship between the three is also determined according to the weather conditions of the installation location. The elevation angle of the solar panel should be the same as the local latitude, and the solar insecticidal lamp should be installed 15 degrees east to the east. Achieve the best solar energy utilization.

We invented the non-wormworm solar insecticidal lamp

One. The basic structure is made up of floats, brackets, solar panels, solar controllers, black lights, crash screens, batteries, distribution boxes, burglar alarms, bases, and the like.

Second, technical indicators

The solar panel has a peak power of 40-60wp, a battery of 24ah-36ah, and a battery discharge depth of 50%. The impact screen adopts three 5mm plexiglass plates with inner angles of 120 degrees, surrounded by black light, and the lamp spectrum is 365nm. Guan Qihui time is less than or equal to 5s, impact area is greater than or equal to 0.66 square meters, single screen size is 440*340mm, light control, rain control and battery charge and discharge control.

Third, the basic principles

The solar panel power is stored in the battery through the solar controller. After the darkness in the evening, under the action of the solar control light control, the battery begins to discharge to the load through the solar controller, and the frequency bulb is illuminated due to the insect pair. The 365nm ultraviolet light has strong phototaxis, and the pests fly to the light. When the pests fly in any direction, they will hit the three impact screens with the inner angle of 120 degrees. The pests will fall into the insect trap to lure. Insects and the purpose of killing pests.

Comparing the electric shock type attracting fish black light, because there is no electric shock, less power, relatively small solar panel and battery configuration, there is a big advantage of non-stickworm. The worm body is relatively complete. Can be used for insect research, etc.