Light traps are green environmental protection methods


After the 1970s, China's crop production began to use a […]

After the 1970s, China's crop production began to use a large number of chemical pesticides to prevent diseases and insect pests; some pesticides directly or indirectly exist in various agricultural products, animal products, aquatic products, soils and water bodies, resulting in pesticide residues. Agricultural products and foods with high toxic pesticide residues may cause acute poisoning of humans and animals, poisonous leeks and poisonous kidney beans; agricultural and sideline products with excessive pesticide residues may not cause acute poisoning symptoms, but long-term consumption may cause chronic poisoning of humans and animals. Leading to the occurrence of diseases, even affecting the next generation; China's agricultural product quality and safety level lags behind that of developed countries, agricultural products export is embargoed due to pesticide residues and other toxic and hazardous substances exceeding the standard, and agricultural products export loses more than one billion yuan each year due to quality and safety problems. yuan. Moreover, chemical control consumes petrochemical energy and has caused serious pollution in the rural environment.

Light traps are green environmental protection methods

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have begun to pay attention to the issue of eating safety after solving the problem of eating enough. Pesticide residues have become a top priority for agricultural products and food safety. To achieve agricultural products and food quality and safety, we must first use chemical pesticides in agricultural production, or use biological protection technologies that include chemical pesticides, including agricultural control, biological control, physical control, etc.; Insects are the physical control methods with the lowest cost, the least labor, the best effect and the least side effects.

The use of light trapping physical control technology can not only control pests and insect-borne diseases, but also cause environmental pollution and environmental damage. Some people worry that the beneficial insects are also trapped, but it is not necessary. The light traps are different from the chemical pesticides. The light traps will not destroy the original ecological balance. The pests and beneficial insects will not be completely trapped. The insecticidal lamps only reduce the pest index to below the control standard by reducing the pest base. It did not destroy the original ecological balance. If only insects are trapped, the beneficial insects have no food, and some beneficial insects will also starve to death. This is the ecological balance.