Modern agricultural park


In a large cherry ecological park in Xizhuang Village, […]

In a large cherry ecological park in Xizhuang Village, Menlou Town, Fushan District, the white iron shed steel pipe is particularly conspicuous. As a modern agricultural park, this large cherry garden covers an area of 57 acres, with more than 2,600 cherry trees and more than 20 greenhouses. The large cherries are all fed with organic fertilizer biogas slurry without any chemical fertilizer. Water and fertilizer integrated facilities save 80% of management water, greenhouse greenhouses automatically control temperature, automatically open and close, saving labor costs.

Wang Guosheng, general manager of the Great Cherry Ecological Base, said that due to the integration of water and fertilizer in the orchard and the automatic closing of the greenhouse, the orchard saved a lot of manpower and material resources in the daily management process. In the case of watering irrigation, if it is irrigated according to traditional large water, it takes 40 workers to fully irrigate the area of 57 mu of land, and if it is irrigated with water and fertilizer integration facilities in the garden, only It takes 5 hours. The integrated water and fertilizer system can be used to uniformly and accurately transport the biogas slurry to the root soil of the crop together with the irrigation water. In addition, the automatic opening and closing and temperature control facilities of the orchard greenhouse also save labor costs to a certain extent.