Mosquito definition and technical parameters


Mosquito killer Electric mosquito-repellent incense, el […]

Mosquito killer
Electric mosquito-repellent incense, electric mosquito swatter, photocatalyst mosquito killer, ecological mosquito killing system, insect killer lamp, photocatalytic mosquito trap, biological mosquito killer and other devices that have the effect of killing mosquitoes.

In a narrow sense, it generally refers to a photocatalyst mosquito killer. Photocatalyst mosquito killer uses physical means to kill mosquitoes, which is the most environmentally friendly mosquito killing tool on the market. The following is mainly an introduction to photocatalyst mosquito killers.
The photocatalyst mosquito killer is an environmentally-friendly mosquito killing tool. The trapping lamp has a wavelength of 360-380 nm and is harmless to the human body. Moreover, the photocatalytic reaction can purify the air, effectively kill various bacteria in the air, and absorb various harmful gases. An environmentally friendly, pollution-free and efficient killing tool developed by the use of mosquitoes to illuminate, move with the air, be sensitive to temperature, and gather together, especially the habit of chasing carbon dioxide and pheromone. Because it does not require any chemical anti-mosquito substances when used, it is a relatively environmentally friendly way of killing mosquitoes.

Technical Parameters
Product Name: Inhalation mosquito lamp
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 16W
Rated voltage: 220V
Applicable area: 60 square meters