Mosquito lamp disassembly and assembly essentials


1. Before disassembling the mosquito killer, the power […]

1. Before disassembling the mosquito killer, the power plug must be unplugged and should not be energized. Then, use a screwdriver to reach the fence and touch the adjacent two electrodes of the power grid for discharge before proceeding to the next step.
2. Screw the cover with 4 self-tapping screws and open the cover to see all the electronic components on the grid. Unscrew the protective plastic cap of terminal 1 and terminal 2 (see Figure 3) counterclockwise, and loosen the wires of the terminal to remove the cover.
3. When disassembling the UV fluorescent lamp, first unscrew the 2 self-tapping screws of the upper lamp holder, remove the gland of the lamp holder, and pull out the UV fluorescent lamp upwards.
4. When the printed circuit board needs to be disassembled, first solder the two red wires of the secondary winding of the power transformer and two white wires of the high voltage power grid (see Figure 3) with the soldering iron, and pull out the printed circuit board from the fixing groove of the grid positioning grid. .
5. Detach the fence should pay attention to skills. First place a flat thin foam on the surface of the workbench, then place the mosquito lamp horizontally on the foam surface, then move the fence positioning grid (middle) to the cover or base, and pinch the left hand to the middle of the fence. And lift up, hold the end of the fence with your right hand back, gently pull out the end, and then remove the entire fence. The fence is made of plastic products, which is brittle and fragile. The whole process of operation should be light and light, and should not be used too hard.
6. When disassembling the grid electrode, first use the screwdriver to unscrew the 8 self-tapping screws of the upper or lower grid positioning grid, remove the gland of the positioning grid, unravel the multi-supply terminal of the high-voltage power supply lead, and remove the power connection cable of the electrode. The stainless steel electrodes were clamped one by one with a needle-nosed pliers.
7. After cleaning, maintenance or overhaul, install the components in reverse order. Please note that when installing the grid electrode or fence, the holes in the upper, middle and lower positioning grids should be aligned, and the inserted electrodes or fences should not be misplaced, otherwise they will be discarded before installation.
8. After the assembly is completed, plug in the power plug and turn off the power switch. The UV fluorescent lamp should be on. Then unplug the power plug and touch the two adjacent electrodes of the power grid with a screwdriver to hear the “啪” discharge sound and electric spark, indicating that the mosquito killer works normally.