Mosquito lamp use precautions


When selecting products, it is necessary to select the […]

  1. When selecting products, it is necessary to select the appropriate amount of mosquito-killing and fly-killing lamps according to the density of specific pests and the area of the site to achieve the desired killing effect.
  2. Before use, check whether the voltage and frequency are consistent with the product, and use the power socket that matches the product. The ground wire of the socket must be well grounded, then connect the power supply, turn on the power switch, and see the purple light in the lamp. At the time, the work of killing and killing mosquitoes has begun.

3, the use of indoor indoor 50m2 ~ 60m2, outdoor 100m2. For the first time, it is best to choose to close the doors and windows or screen screens when the evening is dark. Turn off the lights and leave the people to concentrate on mosquito killing for 2 to 3 hours. People will not go back indoors until the next morning, for 1 to 2 weeks. . During the summer or during mosquito activities, it can be used every day to eliminate mosquitoes that do not leak into the room.

  1. When a fly-killing mosquito lamp works, it is a normal phenomenon that a flying insect such as a mosquito or a fly will make a "click" when it hits the net.
  2. After using for a period of time, when the bottom of the lamp is found to accumulate more mosquitoes and debris, it should be cleaned up in time. When cleaning, the power must be cut off first, and the insulated part of the screwdriver should be taken. The two wires of the grid should be contacted by the metal rod of the screwdriver. Disconnect and discharge, then press the outer net with two thumbs, take out the rear net, and take out the chassis for cleaning.

In addition, the industry suggested that although the mosquito killer is environmentally friendly, the mosquito repellent is more passive and a bit of a wait-and-seek taste. It should be reminded that mosquito killers have certain risks, especially for families with children, which should be placed high to avoid children's touch. In addition, conductive objects cannot be inserted into the high-voltage network to avoid electric shock. The mosquito killer should be placed at a height of 1.5 meters to 2 meters in order to achieve the best killing effect. It is normal for the "click" sound when the mosquito is blown.

In short, I hope that everyone can seriously remember the above selection techniques and methods, so that you can purchase a favorite mosquito killer. In addition, I hope that you will have to shop around for more. In this case, you will have more opportunities to purchase a suitable mosquito killer. If you still don't know how to buy it, you can take a look at the following reference connection for everyone to recommend. Finally, I wish everyone a happy life.