Mosquito lamp working principle and advantages and disadvantages


Using the sensitivity of mosquitoes to specific wavelen […]

Using the sensitivity of mosquitoes to specific wavelengths, the mosquitoes are attracted by photocatalytic carbon dioxide, and the mosquitoes are instantly killed by the high-voltage power grid.

Advantages: smokeless, odorless and low energy consumption, it is the most environmentally friendly mosquito killing tool.

Disadvantages: the price is higher.

Tip: When using a mosquito killer, it is best to turn off the other light sources in the room; suspend it at a height of about 1 meter from the ground, which is the range where mosquitoes often move; the mosquito killer should always change the placement, hidden corners, tables The best is the next; you can also add some water and vinegar to the insect collector's box, and use the characteristics of the acidic substance of the mosquito to achieve the best mosquito-catching effect.

There are various types of electronic mosquito killers, and large ones are generally used in hotels and restaurants. In general, the 12W electronic mosquito killer can be 12 square meters, and the 12W airflow mosquito lamp can be 25 square meters, but the mosquito killing range of both is limited to one room. Airflow mosquito lamps can't be hung, and electronic mosquito killers can be hung up. If you put them in places where mosquitoes are often seen, the effect is better.

Although the mosquito killer is environmentally friendly, the mosquito repellent is more passive and has a bit of a wait-and-see attitude. It should be reminded that mosquito killers have certain risks, especially for families with children, which should be placed high to avoid children's touch. In addition, conductive objects cannot be inserted into the high-voltage network to avoid electric shock. The mosquito killer should be placed at a height of 1.5 to 2 meters in order to achieve the best killing effect. It is normal for the "squeaky" sound when the mosquito is blown.