Photocatalyst mosquito lamp authenticity identification method(2)


4, look at the bubbles. After shaking the photocatalyst […]

4, look at the bubbles. After shaking the photocatalyst vigorously, a small amount of clear blisters are generated and disappear quickly; if a bubble bubble is generated after shaking, and it disappears for a long time, it is a fake photocatalyst product.
5, see the fade function. The methyl blue was diluted and dropped on the porcelain plate on which the photocatalyst was sprayed. After the light was irradiated, the blue color quickly disappeared. If it cannot be faded or faded, it is a fake photocatalyst product.
6, see the effect time. The photocatalyst decomposes organic matter through the surface action, so it takes a while to have a relatively obvious treatment effect. The high-quality photocatalyst generally takes 7-15 days to decompose the organic matter.
7, look at the lighting conditions. The photocatalyst expresses the catalyst by absorbing the energy of the light, and the photocatalyst in the matt state has no energy source, so there is no effect. According to the data, there are still very few products that can reach mass production at 550nm.
 8. Look at the enterprise standard record. The standard is the basic document that regulates the production of products by enterprises. At least the enterprise production products should have the enterprise standards registered with the municipal quality and technical supervision bureau.