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Mosquito lamp manufacturers: electric mosquito coils ar […]

Mosquito lamp manufacturers: electric mosquito coils are relatively small
The main components of mosquito repellent products include pyrethroids and mosquito repellent chemical additives, which can effectively kill mosquitoes, but may produce some harmful substances during combustion and evaporation. Traditional disk-shaped mosquito coils emit a small amount of organic pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and benzene during combustion and volatilization, causing indoor air pollution. Prolonged contact may cause discomfort to the human body. Therefore, indoor ventilation must be maintained when using mosquito coils.
"A lot of people will turn on the air conditioner when they sleep in the summer. It is recommended to order mosquito coils before going to bed and open the window to breathe. After a while, close the door and close the window to open the air conditioner." She also stressed that some inferior mosquito coils may contain harmful ingredients and emit smoke. It is toxic and causes symptoms such as dizziness and nausea. Therefore, when people buy mosquito-repellent incense, they should choose products with regular fonts and regular manufacturers. Don't put mosquito-repellent incense in places too close to the human body. It is best to use mosquito-repellent incense in people who have respiratory diseases or are allergic to irritating odors. “In this kind of chemical mosquito repellent products, I think it is better to use electric mosquito coils.” In addition, electric mosquito-repellent incense and electric mosquito-repellent incense are distributed by heating, the concentration is relatively small, no smoke is generated, and air pollution is small. Safety.