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Mosquito Killer manufacturers: pregnant women, children […]

Mosquito Killer manufacturers: pregnant women, children can use electric mosquito swatter, mosquito nets
“Pregnant women and children are extremely sensitive to the environment. The irritating ingredients in mosquito repellent products may cause harm to the respiratory tract, skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, it is best for pregnant women and children not to use mosquito repellent products and switch to natural mosquito repellent methods.” Mei said that there are many places where mosquitoes can be installed at home, screens and mosquito nets. You can also put a few boxes of cool oil and wind oil in the bedroom, or use electric mosquito swatters, mosquito repellent lights, or other night scent. , Milan, etc. can use insects to repel mosquitoes. She also told reporters that because the dew water contains Chinese herbal ingredients such as musk and mint, the pregnant uterus is more sensitive than the non-pregnant uterus. Pregnant women may increase the risk of miscarriage, so it is not advisable to use the toilet water to relieve itching. In addition, skin and alcohol allergies should not be used.
Mosquito lamp manufacturers: timely cleaning of stagnant water
Mosquitoes have the most mosquitoes from April to May and October to November. “Mosquitoes like to stay in dark, damp, and partial places. The corners where water accumulates are usually the areas where mosquitoes inhabit and breed.” It is recommended that the treatment of water in the home can effectively prevent mosquitoes. It is necessary to thoroughly brush it once a day. Pots and fish tanks for planting aquatic plants should be changed once a week. They should also clean the toilets, kitchens and other sanitary corners that are prone to water.