Product characteristics and classification of insect killer lamps


The mosquito killing lamp has the characteristics of si […]

The mosquito killing lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, beautiful appearance, small volume, and low power consumption.
1. Into the wind, the mosquitoes can be lured in any direction, and the killing rate is high and the range is large.
2, the smell of carbon dioxide produced by photocatalyst, simulating human breathing, has the effect of attracting mosquitoes, high efficiency of mosquito killing, no pollution, and outstanding environmental protection.
3. The pheromone released by the captured live mosquitoes induces the same kind to gather, continuously traps and kills thoroughly.
4, mosquitoes are air-dried or naturally die, odorless, easy to trap mosquitoes.
5, the biggest feature is equipped with anti-mosquito escape device (anti-escape blinds), power off automatically shut down, mosquitoes can no longer come out, natural dehydration and death.

There are a wide variety of mosquito killers on the market, in addition to the amount of electric power and the number of UV fluorescent lamps.
Differently, the other differences are mainly in appearance. Usually classified mainly by power and number of lamps, it is the shape of a common typical electronic mosquito killer. According to the power classification, the mosquito killer lamps mainly have 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20W and other specifications. Most of the households use 2~8W mosquito killers, and the corresponding room area is about 10~20. Square meters. According to the number of UV lamps, they can be divided into single-tube and double-tube types, and there are also more than 2 tubes, but they are rarely seen on the market. Most households use single-tube mosquito-killing lamps; double-tube insect-killing lamps are suitable for large-scale living rooms in restaurants, hotels, offices and homes. The electric power of the double-tube type mosquito killer is more than 6W.
Some mosquito killers are also equipped with a mosquito fan. When the mosquito is close to the mosquito killer, it will be sucked into the mosquito lamp by the airflow, thus improving the mosquito killing effect to some extent. However, the price of such mosquito killing lamps is usually much more expensive than ordinary mosquito killing lamps. It is only suitable for users who have higher requirements or have special needs (such as more used for mobile mosquitoes, etc.). Generally, households are less used, and social ownership is not. many.
The basic structure of the mosquito killer lamp is composed of ultraviolet fluorescent tubes, high voltage power grids, printed circuit boards (mainly containing double voltage rectifier circuits) and fence-like plastic casings. The ultraviolet fluorescent tube is in the center of the plastic outer casing, and the periphery is surrounded by the high voltage power grid. When the mosquito flies toward the ultraviolet fluorescent tube due to the light, the high voltage power grid is killed on the way, thereby achieving the purpose of killing mosquitoes.