Purchasing a solar insecticidal lamp


With the rapid development of society, China's economic […]

With the rapid development of society, China's economic aggregate has progressed steadily, revealing many environmental pollution problems. We have also recognized the main importance of environmental protection, and thus pay more and more attention to environmental protection. The pesticide residues in agriculture are really a headache for us. So can we do pesticide-free pollution in agriculture? Let's talk about our solar insecticidal lamps.

The solar insecticidal lamp uses solar panels as the electricity source. It stores the electricity generated by the solar energy in the daytime and discharges it to the insecticidal lamps for operation. The insecticidal luminaire is a characteristic principle of using 365±50nm ultraviolet light to stimulate the insects to have strong tendency to light, wave, color and tropism, determine the induced wavelength of the insect, develop a special light source, and use the low temperature generated by the discharge. Plasma and ultraviolet radiation stimulate the photochromic effect of pests, tempting pests to ignite the light source of the lamp, and equipped with high-voltage killing nets outside the light source to kill the pests, causing the pests to fall into the special insect bag and reach the killing pests. intention of.

Many solar insecticidal lamp manufacturers are now seeking quotations. The quality of solar insecticidal lamps is uneven. So what are the precautions when purchasing a solar insecticidal lamp? What are some aspects to consider when purchasing a solar insecticidal lamp?

The first is the quality of solar insecticidal lamps:

This is a very important part. As the saying goes, one point is worth the price. Although the price of solar insecticidal lamps is very important, it cannot be neglected for the price. The selection of materials is very important. Nowadays, many manufacturers of solar insecticidal lamps are blindly quoting wars, the quotation is low, the cost is naturally reduced, and the quality of the purchased materials can be assured?

Followed by the weight of the solar insecticidal lamp:

If the solar insecticidal lamp is too heavy, it will be much more difficult to install, so many manufacturers are working hard on the original data of the solar insecticidal lamp to reduce the weight. Reduce the cost of the device, and also balance the balance together.

Then there is the appearance and construction of the solar insecticidal lamp:

The appearance must be beautiful. This must not be said more, not too ugly. This is a must. In other words, the structure is reasonable. The solar insecticidal lamp is composed of a solar module, a solar battery, a solar insecticidal lamp pole, a solar insecticidal lamp controller, and a solar insecticidal lamp LED lamp head. These accessories must be properly deployed to perform the best results, and reasonable equipment can be used to obtain reasonable solar insecticidal lamps.