Solar insect killer is useful


With the rapid development of agriculture, many farmers […]

With the rapid development of agriculture, many farmers' friends realized that pesticides and insecticides are not omnipotent, because pesticides have a good insecticidal effect, but they will cause serious pollution to soil and agricultural products. Therefore, more and more farmers friends began to use insecticidal lamps to kill insects, and achieved very good results. Recently, many people have asked Xiao Bian: The farmland, orchard and tea garden of their own home are in the remote mountainous areas. It is extremely inconvenient to electrify. Can you use insecticide? The following small series will be introduced to you in detail.

If the insecticide is used in remote mountainous areas, it is inconvenient to electrify, and it is impossible to use ordinary AC electric insecticidal lamps. At this time, solar insecticidal lamps can be used for insecticide. Solar insecticidal lamp is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly insecticidal device that can convert light energy into electric energy. It can work independently in the outdoor without wires. Therefore, even in mountainous areas where electricity is difficult, as long as the farmers install a solar insecticide. Lights in the fields and orchards will be able to effectively control pests and insect-borne diseases without causing environmental pollution and environmental damage.

Solar insect killer

The solar insecticidal lamp has a wide range and a large number of insecticides, which can significantly reduce the insect population density, reduce the number of chemical control and the amount of drug use, improve the quality of agricultural products, reduce pollution and pest resistance, and improve the quality and safety of agricultural products and protect the ecological environment. It has little impact on natural enemies and low cost of use. The use of solar insecticidal lamps in remote mountainous areas to trap pests is a relatively economical, safe, effective and simple physical control measure with good ecological and social benefits.

However, in remote mountainous areas, it will inevitably encounter bad weather. Severe weather such as wind and thunderstorm may cause damage to the instrument. If it is determined to install solar insecticidal lamps, lightning protection and anti-theft work must be done. If the conditions permit, you can install the insecticidal lamp, so that you can remotely check the working status of the insecticidal lamp through the computer and mobile phone, which is very convenient