The difference between the mosquito killer and the fly killer


There are many mosquito killing lamps on the market, an […]

There are many mosquito killing lamps on the market, and there are many fly-killing lamps, but there are many people who don’t know what is the difference between the mosquito killer and the fly-killing lamp, or what is in common between the two, it is easy to put The two think that they are the same thing. What is the actual situation?
    The first thing that appeared on the market was the mosquito killer. According to the above words, the mosquito killer is simply a mosquito killer. It is not very effective against other flying insects. The general use object is the home user, that is, the individual. The user is required to have the effect of killing mosquitoes, the unit price is low, the appearance is fashionable, and it is convenient to carry.
    The fly-killing lamp was extended after the mosquito-killing lamp came out. According to the literal understanding, the fly-killing lamp is used to kill flies, but his function is not only to kill flies, but also to mosquitoes, flying insects, and flying. Moths and other flying insects can be used, widely used, and good results, but the unit price is more expensive, generally for commercial users, such as restaurants, hotels, factories and so on. The biggest effect of the fly-killing lamp is to kill all kinds of mosquitoes, especially flies, and the effect is very good. It is suitable for the inspection and inspection requirements of food factories, so the general factory must purchase the fly-killing lamp to eliminate mosquitoes and audit. Factory requirements.
The difference between insect killer and fly-killing lamp is that the first is the effect, the second is to adapt to the crowd, and the third is suitable for the place, etc. These three are the biggest difference between them.