The effectiveness of insecticidal lamps in the prevention of insects in vegetables


Melon vegetables are common on people's tables, and the […]

Melon vegetables are common on people's tables, and they may suffer from a variety of pests during the planting process. One of the main pests of melons and vegetables is yellow-footed yellow, which is very harmful to melons, especially pumpkins, watermelons, cucumbers, etc., which are distributed everywhere. In order to meet the consumer demand of modern consumers and achieve green pollution-free, in the process of pest control, the use of chemical pesticides must be reduced, and some physical and pollution-free measures such as AC insecticidal lamps should be used.
Adults mainly harm the leaves, tender stems, flowers and fruits of melon seedlings. When an adult feeds a leaf, the body is centered, the body rotates for a radius, and then feeds in the circle to form a circular or semi-circular food mark or a circular hole in the leaf. The larva harms the roots in the soil, and the young larvae endanger the fine roots. After 3 years of age, the main roots are eaten, and the roots are eaten between the xylem and the phloem. The melons grown on the ground can also be eaten by the larvae, causing the inside of the melon to rot and lose the edible value.
Adults are slightly clustered, like sunshine, strong flying, and suspended. When the adult feeds the leaves, the body rotates and eats a circle, and then the inner leaves of the circle, leaving a ring of food marks or holes on the leaves. Females mate multiple times throughout their lives. Most of the eggs are piled up or scattered in the wet soil depression near the root of the host. After the larva hatches, it is drilled into the soil to find the host tissue damage. First eat the roots, main roots and stem base. After 3 years of age, you can pour into the roots of the main roots or near the ground to forage, and eat one after eating. After getting old, it will be used for soil mites in the vicinity of the hazardous area.
Some of the above prevention and control measures, in conjunction with the application of the insecticidal lamp, can kill pests and kill pests, and greatly guarantee the quality of melon vegetables. It is the main means of modern plant development of plant protection measures, and the application of insecticidal lamps. It is also worth promoting.