The principle of mosquito repellent


The mosquito repellent principle of mosquito-repellent […]

The mosquito repellent principle of mosquito-repellent incense is to inhale the pyrethrum and other inhalation mosquito-repellent incense tablets, and then evaporate after heating to achieve the anti-mosquito effect. If a few drops of wind oil are better, it can last for 6-8 hours. The liquid electric mosquito coil is based on the principle of the hair suction tube, and the insecticide is continuously heated to be used, which is most convenient to use. A bottle of mosquito-repellent incense can be used continuously for 30 days, eliminating the need to replace the electric mosquito-repellent tablets every day.
Mosquito coil
After the mosquito coils are ignited, the pyrethroids in the mosquito coils evaporate with the smoke, spread in the indoor air, paralyze the nerves of the mosquitoes, causing them to die or fall apart. Mosquito coils are best used outdoors, such as around the home, at the door, or where air is circulated. The mosquito coils are ignited before dark in the evening, and the mosquito repellent effect is best.
Spray insecticide
Its main chemical component is an insecticide called propifen. Spray insecticides on stairwells, under sinks, gutters, toilets, cabinets, and tables to effectively kill mosquitoes. Insecticides don't need too much, not only waste, but also pollute the environment. Mastering the time, place and amount of mosquito killing is the key.
Anti-mosquito solution
Also known as mosquito repellent. The main component of the mosquito repellent is DEET. Applying a qualified anti-mosquito solution can prevent 99.9% of mosquito bites in 6-8 hours. The principle is that the drug acts directly on the mosquito's tactile organs and chemoreceptors to achieve the purpose of repelling mosquitoes.
Mosquito repellent water
Containing bionic repellent materials, it can make mosquitoes have the illusion and lose the desire of deaf people. The time limit can be up to 5 hours. Some mosquito repellent waters also contain valuable Chinese herbal medicines, which have the functions of cooling, removing phlegm and heat, which can be described as multi-purpose.