The solar insecticidal lamp has a good pest control effect


The solar insecticidal lamp has a good pest control eff […]

The solar insecticidal lamp has a good pest control effect and high killing efficiency. Pest growth cycle: egg-larvae-pupa-adult (moth)-egg utilizes the phototaxis of moths to induce and kill, and the trapping rate is above 85%. The female moth is also the next generation mother (a female can lay 100-500 eggs), killing the females of the pests, can achieve the killing and killing, eliminate the breeding effect, cut off the breeding chain of the pests, and make the number of pests in the coming year. Significantly reduced.
      The effective range of light traps is the circle made by the distance between the insects and the light source of the insects. The general distance is about 80~100m, and the effective area is about 2~3hm (30~45mu). The visual acuity of various pests is different. In order to ensure the use of insecticidal lamps, the effective range of insecticidal lamps is generally determined to be 1.5~2hm (20~30mu). The effective range of light traps is also related to the type and power of the light source. The energy-saving lighting efficiency is high, and the low-power energy-saving broad-spectrum trap light can also exceed the effective range of the larger power incandescent lamp and the ordinary fluorescent lamp and the ultraviolet lamp. The effective range of the light trap is also related to the height of the insecticidal lamp. As the saying goes: "Highlights are far-sighted", the insecticidal lamp is installed at a higher position within the distance from which the pest can see the insecticidal lamp, and the effective range is also Larger; but the installation location is too high, it is not easy to operate; the insecticidal lamp is mainly used for breeding, which can be matched with high light and low light, the high light expands the trapping range, and the low light is convenient for feeding animals.