What is the principle of electronic mosquito killer?


The electronic mosquito killer is made of the principle […]

The electronic mosquito killer is made of the principle that the mosquito has a strong tendency to light and heat, and the light source emitted by the ultraviolet fluorescent lamp is used to induce the mosquito to fly into the mosquito killing lamp and is electrically shocked by the high voltage power grid. The DC high voltage on the high voltage power grid is usually 800~1500V, and the short circuit current is less than 1mA. It is not dangerous to normal people. At the same time, the ultraviolet light emitted by the mosquito killer can be used as nighttime soft lighting. 2~8W; therefore, the mosquito killer lamp is a small household appliance product that is small in size, convenient to use, consumes electricity, is non-toxic, tasteless, and does not require anti-mosquito agents.
The basic structure of the mosquito killer lamp is composed of ultraviolet fluorescent tubes, high voltage power grids, printed circuit boards (mainly containing double voltage rectifier circuits) and fence-like plastic casings. The ultraviolet fluorescent tube is in the center of the plastic outer casing, and the periphery is surrounded by the high voltage power grid. When the mosquito flies toward the ultraviolet fluorescent tube due to the light, the high voltage power grid is killed on the way, thereby achieving the purpose of killing mosquitoes.
(1) Before removing the mosquito killer, be sure to cut off the power supply (pull out the mosquito plug power plug), then use a small screwdriver to touch the two adjacent wires of the high voltage power grid to discharge the high voltage. Otherwise, it is very likely to suffer an electric shock during disassembly, especially in summer and autumn, when the hands are sweaty or damp, the electric shock will be even more severe. Although it is not dangerous to people with normal body, the taste of electric shock is very difficult, and it is easy to unconsciously drop the mosquito lamp, causing damage to the UV fluorescent tube or other parts, so be sure to pay attention.
(2) The structure of the general mosquito killer is not complicated. Usually, the inner core can be removed by simply unscrewing the two or three screws on the cover or the base of the plastic case.
(3) If you need to disassemble the lamp, you should first exit the lamp holder, then carefully pinch the glass tube near the lamp part and slowly rotate the tube out. When disassembling, be careful not to damage the suction tip seal at the end of the lamp tube. Otherwise, the lamp tube will be scrapped.
(4) In order to dismantle the printed circuit board, in addition to unscrewing the screws that fix the printed circuit board, the connecting line between the lamp connecting line and the high-voltage power grid should usually be disassembled. Otherwise, it is inconvenient to repair and repair, and it is easy to damage related components.
(5) After the overhaul is completed, the reversible removal step is installed. When reassembling, it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the components of the ultraviolet fluorescent tube and the printed circuit board, and also preventing the short circuit of the high voltage power grid due to the collision of the wires.
(6) After installation, power on the test machine. After plugging in the mosquito plug power plug, the UV fluorescent tube should emit light. Then pull out the power plug and touch the two wires adjacent to the high voltage power grid with a screwdriver. You should see the discharge spark and hear the discharge sound. At this point, it can be considered that the mosquito killer lamp is basically normal. Of course, further inspection can use a multimeter to measure the voltage across the high voltage grid. The 3 times voltage circuit should be 750 ~ 900V, 4 times the pressure is 1000 ~ 1200V, 5 times the pressure is 1250 ~ 1500V. Since the internal resistance of the high-voltage source is large, the measured value is also greatly affected by the internal resistance of the multimeter used, but most of them are within the above range. The above test method is also applicable to the general inspection and functional judgment of the mosquito lamp before maintenance.