Why do you have a mosquito killer


The main hazard of mosquitoes is the spread of disease. […]

The main hazard of mosquitoes is the spread of disease. According to research, mosquitoes transmit more than 80 diseases. On Earth, no insect is more harmful to humans than mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes that can transmit diseases can be divided into three categories: one is called Anopheles mosquitoes, and the common name is Anopheles mosquitoes, which mainly spread malaria. The other type is Culex pipiens, which mainly spread filariasis and epidemic encephalitis. The third type is Aedes mosquito, which has black and white markings, also known as black spotted mosquitoes, which mainly spread epidemic encephalitis and dengue fever.
This is what we need for mosquito killers.
The principle of mosquito killer:
The mosquito killer is composed of a UV lamp, a fan, a high voltage electric shock net, a circuit controller and related frame structures.
The mosquito killer is based on the mosquito's preference for carbon dioxide gas, hi light, and the habit of attracting wind to attract mosquitoes.
1. After the ultraviolet lamp is energized, it emits micro-ultraviolet rays to decompose harmful gases in the air to produce carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes.
2. Lighting is also a big temptation for mosquitoes.
3. The fan produces wind power, and the mosquito has the habit of going upwind. In addition, the carbon dioxide gas decomposed by ultraviolet rays is blown out with the wind, which makes the mosquitoes more attractive. After entering the mosquito lamp, the mosquitoes are sucked into the mosquito storage room by the fan and killed by high-voltage electric shock (the high-voltage electric shock net will be dried by the fan).
How to use the mosquito killer lamp:
1. According to the marked area of the mosquito killer, choose the mosquito killer that suits your space needs.
2. Turn on the screen door screen of the room while turning on the mosquito killer to prevent external mosquitoes from entering and it is difficult to completely eliminate them.
3. It is recommended to turn on the mosquito killer two to three hours before going to bed and turn off the illumination source in the room.
4. The mosquito lamp is recommended to be placed at a height of 1.2 meters to allow the light of the mosquito lamp to be fully distributed in the room. Can also be suspended for use.
5. Try to keep the mosquito lamp away from people and prevent the mosquito lamp from attracting mosquitoes to the human body.
6. The mosquito killer should be placed out of reach of children. It is strictly forbidden to use the child alone.
7. When cleaning the mosquito storage room, please unplug the power supply and use a screwdriver to touch the high-voltage electric shock net to release the residual electricity. Then use a soft cloth or a brush to remove the mosquitoes on the high-voltage network, and then clean the mosquito storage room. It can be used after it has been restored.