Why is the application of solar insecticidal lamps on strawberries very significant?


There are many kinds of strawberry pests, and the most […]

There are many kinds of strawberry pests, and the most serious pests are red spiders, aphids and mites. These insect pests seriously affect the normal development and growth of strawberries. The strawberry that suffers from insects will not only reduce the yield, but also the quality of the strawberry itself. Great discount. Therefore, the control of pests is quite important in strawberry cultivation, while strawberries are mainly fresh food, and no pesticide can be used during fruit ripening. Therefore, only the green insect control lamp with green control can kill the pest while ensuring the quality of the strawberry.

      Why are solar insecticidal lamps not polluting strawberries? Because the solar insecticidal lamp adopts the physical insecticidal technology, the principle is to use the characteristics of the light, wave, color and tropism of the strawberry pest, and set the wavelength, band and wave frequency of the light within a certain range. The close-range use of light, long-distance use of waves, the sexual information generated by the pest itself induces the adult to ignite the lamp, and the light is connected with the frequency-vibration high-voltage power grid to make the pest fall into the insect bag under the lamp, reaching The purpose of killing pests.

      In fact, it has been proved that the application of solar insecticidal lamps on strawberries is very significant. Compared with the situation of pests in previous years, the insect pests have been clearly controlled since the use of solar insecticidal lamps. Because solar insecticidal lamps have a wide range of insecticides and a large range of traps, they can kill more than a pound of insects in one night. At the same time, the solar insecticidal lamp will not pollute the strawberry. The strawberry planted is not only far from the invasion of the pest, but also far from the residue of the pesticide. This pollution-free green strawberry is the most demanded on the market.