Outdoor Animal Repeller-AG002

Outdoor Animal Repeller-AG002

Product Feature:

AG002 is safely and humanely repels pests from small outdoor spaces. This ultrasonic device uses high-frequency
soundwaves ( silent to most humans ) to irritate common yard pests, forcing them to find alternative areas that are calmer
and untreated. Sounds may be set to either constant or motion-activated, and sounds may be adjusted to best target specific pests. It is the best solution for safely and humanely eliminating pests without traps, chemicals, poisons, or other
dangerous pest control methods, and will not harm children, pets or wildlife.
AG002 ultrasonic animal repeller can effectively repel squirrels, raccoons, rodents, bats, rabbits, deer, cats, dogs, skunks, possums, armadillos, sea lions, wild pigs, boars, javelin & other common yard pests. Use carefully domestic pets are involved, as while the unit will not harm them it may upset them. Simply aim the unit away from areas where pets are welcome.
AG002 ultrasonic animal repeller is ideal for use in small outdoor spaces including gardens, lawns, backyards, patios, porches, barns, farms, boats, koi ponds, garages, greenhouses, balconies, and more.

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Technical Specification:

Function PIR detection, Ultrasonic Wave
Frequency 16KHz-60KHz
Sensitive 5-8 meters
Working Current DC 4.5V 60mA
Product size 11x6.8x45 cm
Material ABS
With red LED trigger indicator


Package information:

Unit package  Colorbox Whitebox
Colorbox size 11.5x10.5x16 cm
Carton size 33x24.5x34 cm
Quantity/CTN 12 pcs
Gross weight/CTN 5.8 kgs
Net weight/CTN 4.8 kgs
20GP Qty 9936 pcs
40GP Qty 20736 pcs
40HQ Qty 27648 pcs
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